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3Order if or purchasing 5 % discount ? 3 Intex Inflatable Baby Bath Tub Swimming Pool


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3Order if or purchasing 5 % discount ? 3


Intex Inflatable Baby Bath Tub Swimming Pool

Code: GB01008755

·          Intex Inflatable Baby Bath Tub Swimming Pool 34 Inch.

·          Wet Set Baby Pool Bath tub is just perfect to have fun with your kid in the water.

·          Baby Pool Tub is soft & cute and perfect for baby's bath-time.

·          Ideal for children till the age of 4 And playmate.

·          It is designed with a soft inflatable floor allows for gentle play that is obligatorily.

·          3 Air Chambers with double valves.

·          Excellent for your baby.

·          Excellent gift item.

·          Easy to carry.

·          Material: of PVC to Heavy-duty.

·          Type: Baby pool.

·          Weight Supported: 0.15kg.

·          Color: Multicolor.

·          To Size: 34 And inch x is 8 of the inch.

·          The Package to Size CM: 85x40x10.


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